Kristen Jaudon, APR, Director of Communications & Public Engagement, is available to discuss communication strategies, crisis response and reputation management, community engagement, and media relations for your district.

Quick Website Review

Our team will evaluate 5 pages and 3 PDFs on your district’s website to give you a baseline idea of its accessibility. We will:

  • Use the WebAIM WAVE tool to perform an automated check.
  • Navigate the pages using only keyboard commands to check for accessibility via keyboard and readiness for screen readers.
  • Do a visual check for usability.
  • Check PDFs using Adobe Acrobat DC.


Help your community understand what’s at stake with informational campaigns and activities including electronic and print publications and media outreach.

How well are you communicating with your audience? (How do you know?)Our team can provide a data-driven assessment of how effective your communications efforts are and where they have room to improve.

Our team can provide large- and small-group training on topics ranging from graphic design basics, to media relations, to social media.

Communicating with your community is paramount to building trust. Let us help you refresh your brand or create school district newsletters and community reports to tell your story.

When trouble strikes, careful communication makes a big difference. ESD staff can help write talking points and emergency letters, as well as coach district leadership on media relations.

You know a picture is worth 1,000 words. We can help make sure you’re telling your district’s story visually.

Your website is your district’s #1 communications tool. Make sure it’s beautiful and accessible to everyone who visits it. We have web designers on our team trained in best practices and IAAP-certified for digital accessibility. And if you’d rather tackle the issue in-house, we can train your staff.