Effective July 1, 2014, all public school boards (and other elected members of governing bodies of public agencies) are required to participate in training related to open public meetings and public records retention (Engrossed Senate Bill 5964). The law specifically states that publicly elected officials must receive training within 90 days of the administration of their oath of office, or when they assume their duties. Board members are further required to participate in ‘refresher trainings’ every four years.

Training may be provided through a variety of means ranging from ‘in-house’ training by staff familiar with the content of the regulations, to online trainings, to external training provided by state agencies, professional organizations and/or private parties.  Regardless of the source, documentation of the training should be maintained locally.  You are not required to report participation in training to any outside agencies.  The Attorney General summarized the key points of this act in an FAQ.

Below are resources and a general framework for engaging your boards in the required material.  The board may elect to review these materials in on or more sessions. I suggest the training and discussion occur either as part of a board work session, or as part of the regular board meeting as informational items for the board.  Including the training in your regular board meeting will allow for documentation of training and participation within your usual board minutes, which would not require additional records be maintained.

WSSDA provides a handout,  "Open Public Meetings: A Guide for School Board Members and Superintendents."

They suggest the materials be presented in two 20-minute sessions, with 10 minutes of Q/A to conclude each session.

Print and provide copies of PowerPoint to Board members

Open Public Records Act Discussion Guide

Print and provide copies of PowerPoint to Board Members